A Descending Depression in the Era of the COVID-19 Pandemic

It is becoming increasingly obvious to even the naysayers that economic hard times face us in ways that have challenged our community, our families, and our Faith. In Nevada alone we face an unemployment pool of more than 350,000 laborers and it is all too painful to realize what that translates to for our families and friends. It means that each and every one of us must put aside our differences politically and culturally and we must do so now. The lack of clarity from the Governor’s office on the real trajectory of reopened businesses puts the uncertainty of the loss of a job or the shuttering of a hard built business squarely at the feet of the state government including both the executive and legislative branches. It is the duty of any Congressman to act as the bridge between the Federal government and the state, county, and local governments to ensure that all efforts to blunt the obvious impact on the economy and the peace of mind of the populace are undertaken with all appropriate haste and in concert at all levels. This does not mean email missives launched weekly or minute radio spots as if the situation were business as usual, but it becomes squarely the responsibility and obligation of a Congressman to ensure that civil liberties guaranteed by the Federal constitution are not trampled in the name of a manufactured local crisis. The shutdown was maintained for too long, at too high a cost. Granted we may face a second wave come late fall, but we must not be forced into a dire position until that wave shows emergence as a real possibility. So what can be done now given the injuries sustained?

First, the supremacy of the Federal government in dealing with a national crisis needs to be acknowledged, particularly when national security, stability, civil rights, and the national economy is concerned. Next, it is the duty of a Congressman to use his voice in the House on our behalf as our duly elected representative to oppose any legislative initiative that brings partisan politics to the floor of the House and vociferously oppose political opportunism by the party in the majority seeking to push ahead an agenda that has absolutely nothing to do with dealing with the crisis by uniting with fellow sanely minded leaders to pass a clean bill. Anything more than that is callous and operates at our expense as a people, and in opposition to our liberties. Last but not least, the creation of a strategic supply chain that guarantees our national autonomy should be the closing focus of dealing with the abated crisis. It has been done before in the form of civil defense and can be professionally done again. Only then will strategic stockpiles remain uninterrupted nor hindered.

In closing, our efforts to shore up small business via the paycheck protection program, the pandemic unemployment assistance program, and the supplements to unemployment insurance will suffice and mitigate the damages that profligate disbursement from the Treasury would hope to achieve. If nearer the terminus of the program we remain in a position requiring a revision to the course, at that time, we can engage at the Federal level with a clearer view of what lies ahead.

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