A Return to Civility

In observing the miles-long comments on my recent Facebook posts, I have noticed a profoundly troubling trend. People on both sides of the seesaw liberal and conservative, seem to have forgotten how to engage in a proper and polite way. Surely the temptation to openly call an individual expressing an opposite view an idiot, or a troglodyte, or a bit vacant in the cognitive thinking department is overwhelming at times. Immediately, aspersions are cast on a person’s sanity, intellect, masculinity, even humanity in a heated exchange of ad hominem frontal verbal barrages that undermine the credibility of the accuser and signify weakness on those favoring a view possibly at odds with the social troll. I challenge everyone who comments on anything I post to now put their words through a civility filter before they click send. I do not wish to entertain debate that is lesser than all of us, and given the power of the mouse button, I may start toning things from a fever pitch going forward to a flavor I find more in line with those views espoused by our better angels. Capisce?

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