On Building Bridges

One of my core issues of focus is infrastructure revitalization and reinvestment. We have a national bulk power system saddled with century-plus old hardware, coupled with no transition strategy to renewable energy sources like the 600+ megawatt solar facility announced in Southern Nevada by our forward-thinking President. Incidentally, this facility will be at its completion, the world’s largest. We have an aging highway and interstate network that was rapidly built by President Eisenhower and didn’t envision a nation as large and great as the US has become, nor regional or local transportation capacity to address the needs of our urban populations as they continue to grow at breakneck pace. We have no truly distributed energy supply for electrical generation capacity, and are strongly disincentivized to improve it because of burdensome regulation at the state and federal levels. We have developed new technologies in hyperloop transportation that could reduce our carbon footprint, all the while we face a brittle and inflexible transmission network requisite to support it. Our fiber optic networks have dramatically expanded bringing our Internet backbone and telecommunication networks into the 21st century capably, but the introduction of 5G systems to enable smart homes, autonomous vehicles, intelligent manufacturing plants, and modern telemedicine and advanced first responder capabilities is capital intensive all the more so because of the COVID-19 pandemic driven economic downturn making traditional lending and equity market facilities harder to leverage. This calls for not a new set of taxes that take advantage of the temporarily low market prices of fuel stocks, but a new federally backed capital facility equal to the monumental task facing the nation.

This is why I advocate for the formation of a US Infrastructure Bank to enable private entities to build out the infrastructure we urgently need now and in the future. Using the strength of the dollar and our US Treasury’s unmatched AAA credit rating, we are in the sole position in the world to use our currency’s reserve status to fund our national growth, thereby arbitraging the global economy for American benefit. This will combat the currency inflation caused by China’s misbehavior and unfair trade practices while at the same time securing America’s rightful position as the globally preeminent economic and infrastructural superpower. This approach to using the banking and lending facility role strongly limits tax exposure for American businesses, thereby further fueling economic growth at a unprecedented and extraordinary velocity by putting capital in the hands of job creators and technological innovators. In so doing, no other nation state presently in existence would be able to catch up to our rise in the economic singularity curve.

In sum, we must use all the authority of the federal government to balance the economic playing field, treating valued trading partners as true partners while protecting our economy from the internationally illegal economic warfare waged by China. In so doing, within a decade, we can be on a solid foundation for an advanced next generation infrastructure backed by American innovation, and we will be on a path forward to rectifying the critical supply chain shortcomings made painfully evident during our present crisis.

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